COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, but sports are here to stay. Pre-pandemic, organizations moved quickly to evolve the fan experience. Now on the other side of the pandemic, organizations are moving even faster. Fans are only seeing the tip of the innovation iceberg.

Behind the scenes are the executives making a name for themselves throughout the sports industry, whether they are expanding IT infrastructure, gathering and protecting data, or building out a front-office reflective of diverse fanbases across the country. This issue showcases how these executives have been on the front lines of innovation and adapted to impossible circumstances.


the Guest Editor

Jennifer Vasquez is the vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the Golden State Warriors and Chase center. She plays a central role in the continuation of the organization’s internal and external DEI strategy and leads the establish DEI Council and ecosystem of employee resource groups.  She was recently recognized as a Diversity Global Top 15 Diversity Champion and a DEI Advocate of the Year for California in 2021 from National Diversity Council, as well as featured as a DiversityComm 2021 Wonder Woman.

You can read Jennifer’s commentary in the features below.