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Creative Director
Jenny Vetokhin,
Director of Business Development

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Kyle Evangelista, Vice President
Brad Schwind, Content & Advertising Manager
Kelsey Kretzer, Content & Advertising Manager
Brian Gielow, Content & Advertising Manager
Taylor Frank, Strategic Account Manager
Elif Negiz, Business Development Manager
Erin Malone, Business Development Manager
Krista Horbenko, Director of Strategic Partnerships
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Nikki Thayyil, Content & Advertising Manager
Ashley Watkins, Content & Advertising Manager
Jenny Vetokhin, Director of Business Development
Tracy Padar, Content & Advertising Manager
Pedro Guerrero, CEO, Guerrero, LLC.
Stacy Kraft, Reprints & Circulation Director
Cheyenne Eiswald, Client Services Director
Cyndi Fecher, Creative Director
Kevin Beauseigneur, Vice President
Jany Zhang, Senior Strategic Designer
Cyndi Fecher, Creative Director

About Our Publisher

Guerrero is an executive communications and advancement firm based in Chicago. The company helps executives, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business leaders harness the power of their story to advance their strategic objectives. In addition to Profile, Guerrero publishes American Builders Quarterly, American Healthcare Leader, Hispanic Executive, Modern Counsel, and Sync. Guerrero is reinventing the executive network through The Alumni Society, which brings together Latino alumni from prestigious private US colleges and universities.

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