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Jacquie Haggarty 23andMe

Jacquie Haggarty Puts Customers in Control of Their DNA

Jacquie Haggarty and her privacy team at 23andMe help customers control their genetic data

Chris Festog Mutual of America

Chris Festog Brings Finance and Technology Together

Chris Festog drives and supports Mutual of America’s transformation, inspiring his team to innovate and focus on the future

Brandon Covert Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Build a Smoother Fan Experience

VP of IT Brandon Covert helps incorporate innovative technology to make game days seamless for ticketholders

Shawn Miller Boise State University

Shawn Miller Puts “Human” Back in Human Resources

Shawn Miller flips traditional HR on its head to help organizations build deliberate cultures that help both employees and companies thrive

Kristi Yowell Goucher College

Kristi Yowell Leads HR Change at Goucher College

Kristi Yowell leverages her expertise and journey in HR to transform Goucher College and become a respected voice within higher education

Gary Vaynerchuk VaynerMedia

The Disruptors Issue

What Did You Sign Up For? Disruption isn’t for everyone, but it’s the only way Gary Vaynerchuk knows how to live Read More       The Foundation for Innovation How Tech Parks Arizona’s Carol Stewart shepherded rapid growth and...

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Hassan Aghar Bremer Bank

Hassan Asghar Finds Success in the Challenges

As Bremer Bank’s SVP and CISO, Hassan Asghar makes sure he and his team are always ready for the next challenge that may come their way

Ron Hohauser Legendary Entertainment

Ron Hohauser Crafts Strategies to Green Light Success

A behind-the-scenes look at how Ron Hohauser stacked up Hollywood accomplishments and turned himself into a film finance powerhouse

Jennifer Goschke Leads with Relationships and Empathy

How 7-Eleven’s Jennifer Goschke cultivates cross-functional connections to better guide her team and the company toward success

Prabir Purohit Dominion Energy

Prabir Purohit Serves Up Financial Success

As vice president of finance, Prabir Purohit has led fruitful M&A transactions to transform and grow Dominion Energy

Ray Cabrera Knowles Corporation

Ray Cabrera Matches Talent Strategy with Knowles’ Business Strategy

As one of Knowles Corporation’s chief change officers, Ray Cabrera aligns the company’s people strategy with its business strategy

Donna Ross Radian Group

Donna Ross Keeps Her Security Team One Step Ahead

As CISO, Donna Ross champions leading proactively to protect Radian Group and the well-being of her security team