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John Geffert CBIZ

John Geffert is CBIZ’s Legal Goalie

John Geffert helps make CBIZ’s unique business model a model of success

Philip Dana

Philip Dana Builds His HR Legacy

Philip Dana brings his passion for helping people, and years of military experience to his disciplined work as an HR leader

Wendy Hill Netsmart

Wendy Hill Supports a Growing Netsmart Through Integrated Health

Chief People Officer Wendy Hill is focused on achieving better business results by engaging Netsmart associates’ entire health spectrum

Kevin Kohutek Osburn Contractors

Kevin Kohutek Partners Finance with HR

Kevin Kohutek shows how a CFO can team up with human resources to achieve mutual goals that benefit the whole company

Brett Beveridge T-ROC

How Brett Beveridge Supercharges the Sellers

CEO and founder Brett Beveridge on how he successfully grew T-ROC from scratch to help retailers optimize their brick-and-mortar strategies

Sally Shanks WillScot

Sally Shanks Tackles New Challenges at WillScot

Sally Shanks and her finance team lean into the opportunities for growth to help WillScot accelerate success after going public and multiple acquisitions

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Tristan Boutros Structures Change at ASCAP

Chief Technology Officer Tristan Boutros highlights his affinity for innovation and his strategies for managing evolution

Bringing a Business Mind-Set to HR

Marco DeThomasis uses his business background to help HR bolster its untapped potential and value

Teresa Roche City of Fort Collins

Be Present, One Heart at a Time

Three decades in the private sector gave Teresa Roche the insight and innovative spirit needed to help bring the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, into a new era for talent

Beacon People Solutions

Best Behaviors

Maryanne DiMarzo and Amy Acker discuss the leadership concepts highlighted in their book, Hidden Talents, and the principles that bring them success at Beacon People Solutions

A Happy Family at Kushner

Kushner’s Tanya Saffadi is cultivating a sense of community among the firm’s employees to match the sense of community it cultivates in its homebuilding projects

Craig Storey

Propping Up Innovation at VARIDESK

Chief financial officer Craig Storey pushes VARIDESK’s creative approach in his own department as the company modifies traditional workplace and classroom environments