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Lead the Way by Helping Others

Maya Bordeaux has grown her HR experience into a role that cares about each individual at Tribune Publishing

Jason Okazaki Helps Gilead Grow for the Future

Gilead’s Jason Okazaki on how the company’s acquisitions and growth are serving patients around the globe

Challenge Accepted

Kimberly Hendricks shares how her penchant for taking on challenges has led to serious growth at Hexcel

Tony Pepper Praxair

Structuring New Global Partnerships

Tony Pepper’s thirty-two years of experience in corporate law, governance, and public company compliance has led him to a key role in the $90 billion merger between the US company Praxair and the German company Linde AG

Justin Lau Mixpanel

Justin Lau Unifies Cross-Functional Teams to Meet Privacy Goals at Mixpanel

General Counsel Justin Lau on how building cross-functional teams allow Mixpanel to stay ahead of customers’ privacy expectations

A Bold Strategy for a Bold Company

As SVP and CHRO for Mercury Systems, Emma Woodthorpe helps bring in and retain the best minds in engineering and technology

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Customer Service? That’s Legal’s Job

The legal implications of a multinational joint venture are daunting, to say the least. But Royce Warrick has a team, and a company, that allows ethics and compliance to be their North Star—which enables everything to work everywhere they work.

Dalpreet Saluja Visteon Corporation

Innovating in the City of Cars

Visteon’s Dalpreet Saluja brings his considerable knowledge of technology to bear in the complex field of automotive electronics IP law

Jenny Dearborn SAP

A Strategy of Development

The path for present and future talent success grows clear under Jenny Dearborn’s watchful, experienced eye

Safety. Integrity. Passion. Courage. Innovation.

Dedicated to Parts Town’s core values, Lori Sherwood and Chelsea Fitzpatrick oversee the development of company culture during massive company growth

Brandon Poe Brings Muscle to Bodybuilding.com’s Content Strategy

Once a bodybuilder himself, Bodybuilding.com’s VP of content operations Brandon Poe knows that creating compelling content is a lot like building muscle—it’s all about routine, repetition, and listening

Victoria Lazar GE

Can-Do Spirit Spurs Success

Nearly thirty years in the oil and gas industry has taught GE attorney Victoria Lazar the art of building bridges and making deals