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Kisha Smith Tepper Sports

Kisha Smith Transforms at Tepper Sports & Entertainment

How Kisha Smith leans into transformation to not only support Tepper Sports & Entertainment’s success but also grow as an HR leader

Kelsey Letizia RXBAR

Kelsey Letizia Seeks Out Change for the Better

As global controller for RXBAR, Kelsey Letizia instills her team with a desire to always improve and drive growth

Behind the Numbers roundtable screenshot of attendees

Profile Hosts Second Behind the Numbers Roundtable

Top finance executives joined Howard Hughes Corporation’s Carlos Olea for an in-depth roundtable discussion on technology, office design, and D&I

Harry Ross Cascade Designs

Harry Ross Is a Trusted Voice at Cascade Designs

As vice president of HR at Cascade Designs, Harry Ross engages employees though communication and trust

AJ Harris Los Angeles Lakers

How AJ Harris Helped Modernize the Lakers’ Accounting Function

VP and Controller AJ Harris discusses finance innovation, the enduring value of mentorship, and creating opportunities for people of color

James Nissenberg Santa Monica Seafood

James Nissenberg Is Ready to Deliver

How supply chain strategist James Nissenberg helped Santa Monica Seafood improve customer value during a pandemic

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Ray Cabrera Knowles Corporation

Ray Cabrera Matches Talent Strategy with Knowles’ Business Strategy

As one of Knowles Corporation’s chief change officers, Ray Cabrera aligns the company’s people strategy with its business strategy

Donna Ross Radian Group

Donna Ross Keeps Her Security Team One Step Ahead

As CISO, Donna Ross champions leading proactively to protect Radian Group and the well-being of her security team

Deborah Johnston Los Angeles Angels

Deborah Johnston Finds the Culture Sweet Spot

How diversity, transparency, and leading by example helped Deborah Johnston turn workplace culture into the Los Angeles Angels’ true home-field advantage

May Huneidi Hollander Sleep Products

May Huneidi Leads Transformation Without Turbulence

How CIO May Huneidi returned to Hollander Sleep Products and led structural reorganization to align IT with business goals and strategy

Tim Hatsukari Synoptek

Tim Hatsukari Builds “All for One” Teams at Synoptek

How Tim Hatsukari forged his own career path in IT and finance and now empowers his Synoptek team to make connections and solve problems

Randall Ellis Virginia Community College System

Randall Ellis Knows the Power of Education and Community

At Virginia Community College System, Randall Ellis crafts narrative from data to enable students’ success across the state