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Adam Scheinberg

Adam Scheinberg Keeps the Arts Essential

Adam Scheinberg may be vice president of IT for Massey Services, but his passion project lies outside of the organization: keeping arts programs relevant and thriving

Lauren Baer Leads with Humility and Strength

On the heels of a major reorganization, HR executive Lauren Baer helps QEP Resources navigate a worldwide pandemic

Andrew Odze

Andrew Odze Knows Leadership Begins with What You Believe

How Andrew Odze and eXecutive leadership partners help industry leaders achieve their highest potential

Larry Callahan Elevates HR at Howard University

After a long career in human resources for various corporations, Larry Callahan is helping Howard University produce tomorrow’s top leaders

Mark Flournoy

Mark Flournoy Helps Guide Intuit’s Rapid Growth

Intuit’s Mark Flournoy brings decades of wisdom and finance expertise to oversee the financial giant’s expansion and support its longevity

Marcy McGovern

Marcy McGovern Practices Putting People First

Whether reshaping legal services or addressing employees’ HR concerns, Marcy McGovern of the Pittsburgh Pirates approaches her work with empathy

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Ray Cabrera Knowles Corporation

Ray Cabrera Matches Talent Strategy with Knowles’ Business Strategy

As one of Knowles Corporation’s chief change officers, Ray Cabrera aligns the company’s people strategy with its business strategy

Donna Ross Radian Group

Donna Ross Keeps Her Security Team One Step Ahead

As CISO, Donna Ross champions leading proactively to protect Radian Group and the well-being of her security team

Deborah Johnston Los Angeles Angels

Deborah Johnston Finds the Culture Sweet Spot

How diversity, transparency, and leading by example helped Deborah Johnston turn workplace culture into the Los Angeles Angels’ true home-field advantage

May Huneidi Hollander Sleep Products

May Huneidi Leads Transformation Without Turbulence

How CIO May Huneidi returned to Hollander Sleep Products and led structural reorganization to align IT with business goals and strategy

Tim Hatsukari Synoptek

Tim Hatsukari Builds “All for One” Teams at Synoptek

How Tim Hatsukari forged his own career path in IT and finance and now empowers his Synoptek team to make connections and solve problems

Randall Ellis Virginia Community College System

Randall Ellis Knows the Power of Education and Community

At Virginia Community College System, Randall Ellis crafts narrative from data to enable students’ success across the state