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Masha Trainor thumbnail

Masha Trainor Leads Strategy from the Legal Seat

Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation’s Masha Trainor shares how she supports and communicates the company strategy as general counsel

Steve Price, EVP & CHRO, Dell Technologies (thumbnail image)

How Steve Price Embedded the Culture Code at Dell Technologies

CHRO Steve Price on seamlessly combining two cultures after the merger of Dell and EMC Corporation

Ross Thompson, Corporate Controller, Golden State Warriors

Ross Thompson Brings the New Normal to Life

Corporate Controller Ross Thompson gives a peek behind the curtain of the Golden State Warriors’ construction of Chase Center

Vishal Agnihotri, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Vishal Agnihotri on Enterprise Technology Adoption

With extensive experience in research and technology adoption, Vishal Agnihotri is an ideal fit to lead knowledge management at Hinshaw & Culbertson

Pramesh Naik Tackles IT Challenges with Diplomatic Grace

CIO Pramesh Naik shares how he communicates and builds credibility with decision-makers to bring technological innovation to Troutman Sanders

Imtiaz Shaikh Takes a Data-Driven Approach to HR Transformation

Hitachi Consulting’s Imtiaz Shaikh recognizes the need to digitize, modernize, and rebrand HR as more than an administrative power

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Customer Service? That’s Legal’s Job

The legal implications of a multinational joint venture are daunting, to say the least. But Royce Warrick has a team, and a company, that allows ethics and compliance to be their North Star—which enables everything to work everywhere they work.

Dalpreet Saluja Visteon Corporation

Innovating in the City of Cars

Visteon’s Dalpreet Saluja brings his considerable knowledge of technology to bear in the complex field of automotive electronics IP law

Jenny Dearborn SAP

A Strategy of Development

The path for present and future talent success grows clear under Jenny Dearborn’s watchful, experienced eye

Reimagining Rail for the Future

From prestigious in-house roles to heading government agencies, Norfolk Southern’s Vanessa Allen Sutherland tackles every assignment with a unique can-do attitude

Safety. Integrity. Passion. Courage. Innovation.

Dedicated to Parts Town’s core values, Lori Sherwood and Chelsea Fitzpatrick oversee the development of company culture during massive company growth

Victoria Lazar GE

Can-Do Spirit Spurs Success

Nearly thirty years in the oil and gas industry has taught GE attorney Victoria Lazar the art of building bridges and making deals