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Amanda Wiles Enspire

Amanda Wiles Creates Digital Platforms for People with Enspire

Through Enspire’s technology, CEO Amanda Wiles transforms how businesses can effectively communicate with employees

Ray Cabrera Knowles Corporation

Ray Cabrera Matches Talent Strategy with Knowles’ Business Strategy

As one of Knowles Corporation’s chief change officers, Ray Cabrera aligns the company’s people strategy with its business strategy

Ed Imbrogno PDL BioPharma

Ed Imbrogno Is Always Ready for the Next Challenge

With a career that spans across five industries, Ed Imbrogno finds motivation in opportunities that allow him to grow as an accounting executive

Mark Vaupel Hormel Foods

Mark Vaupel Isn’t Letting a Pandemic Stop Transformation

Champion of change Mark Vaupel leads his IT team to redefine the capabilities of the 129-year-old Hormel Foods through Project Orion

John Emmart Phelps Health

How John Emmart Redefines His Calling

At Phelps Health, John Emmart draws from his time as a hospital chaplain to improve the lives of Phelps employees and its Missouri community

Stella Tran HighRadius

Stella Tran Promotes Collaborative Communication at HighRadius

To ensure company and culture success across a global remote workforce, Stella Tran and her team at HighRadius Corporation know that communication is key

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Eric Hutcherson roundtable screenshot

Eric Hutcherson Leads First Virtual CHRO Roundtable

Top HR executives joined the NBA’s Eric Hutcherson for Profile’s CHRO Roundtable to discuss how 2020 is reshaping the workplace

Charlotte Pomasl Newpark Resources

Charlotte Pomasl Builds a Team that Invests

With experience navigating culture as a tax adviser, Charlotte Pomasl makes morale and culture a key focus for Newpark’s tax department

Jana Gouchev

Jana Gouchev Knows What Companies Want

Gouchev Law’s Managing Partner Jana Gouchev has built her firm to be everything that modern companies need from a big law firm—but without any of the drawbacks

Tracie Sponenberg The Granite Group

Tracie Sponenberg on How to Transform HR

The Granite Group’s Tracie Sponenberg draws on more than twenty years of HR expertise to make the world a better place, one HR professional at a time

Jobe Danganan HomeLight

Jobe Danganan Has a Passion for Protecting Consumers

Throughout his distinguished career, General Counsel Jobe Danganan of HomeLight has been on a mission to help consumers in the financial marketplace

Roxy Bargoz Avant

Roxy Bargoz Takes Small Actions to Make a Big Impact

Avant’s Roxy Bargoz prioritizes fun and transparency in the workplace. To achieve both, she believes in the power of small, everyday acts.