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Leading When Your Industry is in Flux

The energy industry, like many sectors, is always in a state of flux, responding to changes in the global commodities market, government regulations, environmental protections, and trends in the workforce. The one thing that every successful energy company has in … Read More

Generators of Opportunity

Paula Gold-Williams and the executive team at CPS Energy illuminate the culture that’s fueling a new era of advancement for diverse talent and ideas

Louise Pentland PayPal

A Diverse Workforce for a Better, More Accessible World

Louise Pentland spearheads the drive to build an empathetic workforce from various backgrounds and life experiences, to better help PayPal serve more people with essential financial services

Paul Caja

Adding Value through Taxes

Paul Caja and his tax department are saving MTD Products valuable tax dollars by staying informed on ever-changing tax laws while engaging in the operations of a successful manufacturing business

Nicole Casey ASICS

Securing a Foothold for ASICS

Nicole McCasey champions a higher standard of athletic gear at ASICS Canada while enhancing its consumer base across the country

Beata Kashani

Beata Kashani Takes a Fearless Approach to Changemaking

Beata Kashani taps into the historically innovative spirit of Morton Salt to revolutionize the employee value proposition

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Three Executives Making an Impact

Through compliance, legal protection, and D&I policies, executives can kickstart a positive effect on the wider world

How Business Leaders Can Actively Narrow the Gender Equality Gap

Women are underrepresented at every level in corporate America. Leaders across the nation hope to change that statistic through new initiatives and disrupting preconceived mind-sets.

Augie Schulke’s Fight for Talent

Veolia’s Augie Schulke has fine-tuned his approach to talent development to attract and retain the best candidates at the company

How Strong Relationships Made PrimeLending one of the Best Workplaces for Women

Executive vice president, general counsel Cindy Buhr details the keys to the company's outstanding work environment

Drafting the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Playbook

What’s the secret to success at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.? Great beer, of course. That, and a longer-range budget designed to enable new levels of collaboration company-wide.

The Coaching Keys to Leading Under Armour

Vice president and corporate controller Andrew Page details the ties between his company's work and his time coaching track and field, and how they drive towards success