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David Kingsley Vlocity

L. David Kingsley on the Value of Treating Employees Like Customers

Chief People Officer L. David Kingsley takes a two-way street approach to talent acquisition, engagement, and retention at Vlocity

Jill Pappenheimer BPM

Jill Pappenheimer Uses Tech to Transform Soft Skills

BPM’s Jill Pappenheimer champions cloud-based technologies as a way to bring about meaningful cultural changes that stick for employers and employees

Jobe Danganan HomeLight

Jobe Danganan Has a Passion for Protecting Consumers

Throughout his distinguished career, General Counsel Jobe Danganan of HomeLight has been on a mission to help consumers in the financial marketplace

Jeanne O'Connor Billtrust

Jeanne O’Connor Puts the “Trust” in Billtrust

Senior VP of Human Resources Jeanne O’Connor has facilitated Billtrust’s growth for nearly a decade by making the company a great place to work

How Shawn Gibbs and Seqirus Fight the Flu

Associate General Counsel Shawn Gibbs on the legal challenges of providing up-to-date influenza vaccines around the globe

Letitia Silas

How Letitia Silas Makes Way for Her Vision

Attorney Letitia Silas shares how faith, trust, and hard work results in a positive personal brand and career success

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Dolores DiBella NFL

Dolores DiBella Leads by Example at NFL Legal

Dolores DiBella on career development and legal practice at the NFL

Shaila Ruparel Finisar

Shaila Ruparel Finds Growth and Opportunity at Finisar

Shaila Ruparel lets her passion for learning guide her legal strategy at Finisar as she helps make the company safer, creative, and collaborative

Zsolt Bessko National Bank Holdings

Zsolt Bessko Looks Bank to Push Forward

National Bank Holding's Zsolt Bessko reflects on the year that helped set the bank up for their best year yet

Brian Mayhew, Metropolitan Transportation Committee

Brian Mayhew: 20 Years in the Blink of an Eye

Brian Mayhew looks back at his two-decade tenure as Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s chief financial officer

Ekta Vyas

Ekta Vyas Finds Fulfillment Through Being a Lifelong Learner

A “scholar-practitioner,” Ekta Vyas immerses herself in thought leadership while educating the next generation of HR pros

Mandy Tenner Amalgamated Bank

Mandy Tenner on What Values-Based Banking Looks Like

Amalgamated Bank has always been on a mission and one of its top lawyers, Mandy Tenner, helps define what that means in in the modern era