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Editorial Calendar

February 2024

The Queer Leaders on the Rise Series

Meet tomorrow’s leaders today. This series introduces up-and-coming names in the LGBTQ+ community from all industries who are under forty. They’ll share the practices they employ today and the lessons they’ve learned to make it to the C-suite.

Live 2/19/24

April 2024

Driving Strategy: The Transportation Series

Hop aboard as we embark on a series showcasing the business minds in the transportation industry. From finance to legal to tech, these C-suiters share how they keep up momentum in their functions via mentorship and modernization.

Live 4/8/24

May 2024

The Ethical AI Series

Artificial intelligence and automation have reshaped the business landscape at an accelerated rate over the past years, serving as a cost-saving and creative solution for organizations but also bringing forth necessary conversations about its ethics. We will hear from leaders who see both the benefits and drawbacks of introducing AI to company strategy while examining how this technology must be used efficiently, mindfully, and respectfully.

Live 5/20/24

July 2024

The Data Defenders Series

We live online just as much as we do in the real world. Our ideas and identities exist as commodities, deserving the same level of safeguarding that we give to our physical selves. This series showcases the leaders who work in law and tech to protect our data, IP, and privacy.

Live 7/8/24

August 2024

The Education Series

Those who succeed never stop learning. This series will spotlight the leaders reshaping the future of education to expand opportunities for every kind of student. We’ll hear from campus vice presidents, chancellors, and planners who define the vision for their universities; developers and coders who are rolling out new technology to enhance learning; and private educators running bootcamps or mentorships to provide specialty training.

Live 8/19/24

October 2024

The Founders Series

Let’s talk business from scratch. This series will feature founders from unique backgrounds who seek to fill an industry gap, outlining their journeys from concept to customer and the lessons they’ve learned in launching and leading a company that’s all their own.

Live 10/7/24

November 2024

The Global Series

Remote work became a necessity and now it’s become the norm. Though establishing and maintaining a strong culture digitally has provided challenges, it’s also been an opportunity to grow businesses internationally and bring in a wealth of new perspectives. This series will focus on leaders in global functions whose teams span the world and their insights on effective communication, relationship building, and respectful acknowledgment of diverse

Live 11/11/24