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Editorial Calendar

July 2023

The Cybersecurity Series

With many companies moving permanently to all-remote or hybrid workplaces, cybersecurity best practices are more important than ever. This series spotlights leaders working to address the ever-changing security landscape, the challenges within the function, and how they are protecting company and customer data.

Live 7/5/23

August 2023

The Entertainers

This series spotlights the leaders in hospitality, venue management, and gaming. This campaign brings together those who are redefining what leisure, entertainment, and gathering spaces look like in a post-pandemic world.

Live 8/28/23

October 2023

The Legal Series

This series showcases in-house legal leaders and how they thrive in the action as they drive how their businesses interact with the world.

Live 10/2/23

November 2023

The AI Series

Like it or not, AI has a strong presence in every corner of our world. This issue will examine this technology’s future from the lens of each function: hiring and staffing strategy, legal implications, financial investments and profits, and cybersecurity. Executives across all industries will share their insights, experiences, and predictions on how every aspect of business is becoming automated.

Live 11/15/23

January 2024

The Culture Series: Leading with Identity

Building an inclusive workplace culture starts with leaders who are unafraid to be authentic. This issue will showcase leaders who identities are intrinsic parts of their leadership strategies and their vision, featuring discussions on ERGs, DEI, and how personal journeys can inspire new ways to connect.

Live 1/8/24

February 2024

Queer Leaders on the Rise

Meet tomorrow’s leaders today. This series introduces up-and-coming names in the LGBTQ community from all industries who are under forty. They’ll share the practices they employ today and the lessons they’ve learned to make it to the C-suite.

Live 2/19/24

April 2024

The ESG Series

In the past ten years, there have been increasing calls toward organizational accountability across global communities. This series addresses how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is shaping companies’ missions and values, how they have evolved in an era of increased awareness, and what it means to lead an ESG committee.

Live 4/8/24

May 2024

The Founders Series

Let’s talk business from scratch. This issue will spotlight founders from unique backgrounds who south to fill an industry gap, outlining their journeys from concept to customer, and the lessons they’ve learned in launching and leading a company that’s all their own.

Live 5/20/24