Organic food. Turbine engines. Cannabis cultivation. Precision gears. Four legal advocates thrive in the action as they drive how their businesses interact with the world.

“This was a company that began with a single organic pot pie in 1987, and now is the national leader in organic and vegetarian frozen foods. The story is incredible.”

“We emphasize our values around what it means to be a human being: pride, passion in what you do, working, and acting with integrity.”

“There has been some positive momentum as far as banking and tax legislation and if we were to receive more of that kind of support from legislatures across the country and the federal government, it would make a huge deal for this industry.”

“This role is a great opportunity to set an example as a female leader and help demonstrate how rewarding and fulfilling careers in manufacturing can be.”

Photo credits: Kim Corona (Rich), Tom C. Robison (Sanders), Organic Headshots (Thornton), Ken Riemer (Vollmer)