Every leader at TPG will tell you the same thing: there is something different about this place. The San Francisco-based investment firm has always done things a little differently, whether it’s investing in large companies early in their life cycles, identifying smaller opportunities with huge promise, or investing in emerging areas in tech and media.

The thirty-year-old investment firm has kept its West Coast roots’ mindset fully intact by finding ways to bring value to its extensive portfolio, without the Wall Street heavy hand and bravado.

That same value goes for those inside the firm. TPG Partners Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri, Maya Chorengel, Julie Hong Clayton, and Katherine Wood all have deep experience in their areas of expertise. But they’ve found something much greater at TPG.

While their journeys are similar in some ways and different in most, their thoughts about TPG make it clear that the culture is its biggest differentiator.

There is a spirit of entrepreneurialism, innovation, and collaboration that seems rare in the investment space. Egos are checked and the lives of employees outside of their jobs are taken into consideration, all while investing in companies that are disrupting some of the most important industries around the world.

As good as things have been, these four women have had to exist in a space dominated by mostly white men for most of their careers. Each has confronted the challenges that comes with sometimes being the only woman at the table. At TPG, they are at the table. In their own ways, each of these leaders are finding ways to create more opportunities for those from underrepresented backgrounds. And forward-thinking TPG has their back, proving time and again that it is willing to do the right thing and not just the easy thing.

By: Billy Yost

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