7 Executives on Talent Strategy

What seven top HR executives consider in the quest to recruit, develop, and retain the best talent for their organizations

On the difference between diversity and inclusion

“Diversity and inclusion are two different things. Diversity is a noun. But include is a verb. In order to have diversity in your organization, you need to be someone who is inclusive.”

Mia Mulrennan, Chief Talent Officer, Edmentum

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On recruiting in-house

“If people are true recruiting professionals, they should be able to find people anywhere. We shouldn’t have to use an agency.”

Nicky Gibson, Director of Talent Acquisition, Zoës Kitchen

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On why personality matters when building a team

“High-performing teams have to be built with high-performance individuals, but throw in arrogance and distrust and you won’t have an effective team.”

Dave Wilson, CIO, Mutual of Emunclaw

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On why listening isn’t enough

“I’ve seen managers who are inclusive in terms of ensuring they’re hearing the voices of many different people and that people can contribute ideas. I would argue that approach could almost be a check-the-box exercise because the input isn’t always valued. Moving forward, companies need to place more emphasis on manager accountability and measuring the degree to which inclusion and lack of bias in recruitment, promotion, and pay takes place.”

Laura Cushing, Chief Human Resources Officer, Loews Corp.

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On change management as an HR function

“The reality is that there is change in every industry, in every position, in every company right now. It’s going to continue to evolve by the second, by the minute, by the hour, by the day. Change management now needs to be a foundation of an HR function.”

Cindy Ballard, Chief Human Resources Officer, ICM Partners

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On why diverse recruiting isn’t a supply issue

“There is a common argument that diversity hiring is difficult because there is a supply issue. But that’s not true. It’s a demand issue. The way to get better and more diverse outcomes is to demand them. To be the most attractive place for everyone to work, we have to clearly communicate that we welcome and promote diverse candidates.”

Teresa Tanner, Chief Administrative Officer, Fifth Third Bank

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On why compassion and trust build a great team

“When you treat people like their whole life matters to you, they engage heavily and are loyal and take care of their customers. We treat our people right and trust that they’ll do the same for our customers.”

Tina James, Chief People Officer, H-E-B

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