Going Up with Mario Lemme and Jay Moroney

The insurance gurus explain how trust and client collaboration pay dividends for Lemme Insurance Group

The success that Lemme Insurance Group Inc. has had since its founding in 1998 can be attributed to a unique approach. When Mario Lemme left a large, global insurance broker to form his own insurance and consulting group, he did so with a plan to focus on service and honest communication with clients. The principle has translated into results and an upstanding reputation in the three professional service classes that the firm operates in: accounting, legal, and consulting. Lemme joins Jay Moroney, the firm’s president, to share the top strategies the firm employs to tackle each service area.

The Consultative Approach 

Listening and market education are important when selecting the right type of professional liability insurance for a law firm. Each firm has a certain niche, requiring a specifically tailored policy. Communication is key.

Mario Lemme:“Our process is essentially the same with all of our clients, across the different professional service sectors—that is, we consult with them and find the right solution for their needs, even if that means pointing them to another service provider. With law firms, it’s important to talk to them about their risk profile based on their practice area.”

Jay Moroney: “We dialogue with our clients to ensure they provide us with the information we need to provide advice and to work with underwriters. Once we understand what they do and where the risk lies, we can provide advice on what the limits of liability firms should consider and what particular policy they should be buying. When necessary, we work with underwriters to tailor the coverage to fit a particular firm’s practice.”

A Known Commodity 

When working with accounting firms, Lemme Insurance Group’s reputation precedes it. The company faces few barriers when introducing itself and acquiring new clients, because its expertise is known across the industry. This level of experience enables Lemme Insurance Group to leverage the underwriting community, which it maintains excellent relationships with. 

Lemme: “Our firm has strong brand recognition with the accounting profession, especially among the larger firms. There has been a considerable amount of consolidation, and when firms get together and combine, they are looking for a broker who has experience and who will be able to manage that process. We have that sort of skill set at our firm, which helps us talk to people who are considering that strategy.”

Understanding the Variety 

Consulting firms have a wide range of business types, so getting a comprehensive policy is paramount. Policies must be amended to fit each consultancy’s practice. Lemme Insurance Group’s philosophy is one of service and results.

Moroney: “With consulting firms, you really have to make sure you sit down with your client and understand their business. Go over the policy and what it’s going to cover. You need to make sure there aren’t any gaps—that there isn’t a service they provide that’s not going to be covered.”

Lemme: “The policies will be different. You need to make certain that the policy covers all the professional services they are performing; otherwise, a policy may exclude some services if a broker does not take the time to get to know their client.”

Moroney: “There can be some broad exclusions in some of the policies that need to be deleted to make it acceptable for a particular client.”

Lemme: “Our clients get to know us, they trust us, they know we’re representing their interests, and always working on their behalf.”