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Workplace Safety: What Employees Are Really Looking For

Workplace Safety: What Employees Are Really Looking For

The top three takeaways from Alert Media’s 2022 State of Employee Safety Report

Workplace Safety: What Employees Are Really Looking For
Illustration by Anastasia Andronachi
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It is unsurprising that in the COVID-19 era, employees are more concerned than ever about their safety and well-being in the workplace. Even so, many employers might not realize exactly how important these issues are or what employees expect from them in terms of workplace safety. 

According to Alert Media’s 2022 State of Employee Safety Report, there are three key things that professionals look for from an employer:

1. Communication and Transparency

Nearly 40 percent of employees wish that their employers would communicate more frequently and clearly about workplace safety, and 31 percent of surveyed employees said they wanted more transparency from companies about safety-related incidents. 

2. A Genuine Commitment to Safety

Today’s employees care about workplace safety more than almost any other factor in their jobs. In fact, Alert Media’s survey found that an employer’s commitment to workplace safety is second only to competitive compensation in the list of factors that impact an employee’s decision to stay with their employer in the long term, with 47 percent of employees stating that they would be motivated to stay with their employer if they saw that there was a genuine commitment to safety.

3. An Understanding of What Workplace Safety Means in a Hybrid World

Whether they’re working from home or in the office, people expect their employers to consider their safety and well-being. According to the report, 82 percent of employees believe that companies are responsible for keeping remote workers safe. 

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