Making a Global Difference

HR expert Tina Seashore focuses on not only driving the success of Oshkosh’s people-first culture but also mentoring the next generation of leaders

Oshkosh Corporation was founded in 1917 with a patent and a mission: “to design and build innovative products that power global progress.” More than one hundred years later, 15,000-plus team members are putting more than 850 active patented technologies in place around the world.

As vice president of global rewards, Tina Seashore ensures the success of Oshkosh’s people-first culture—the Oshkosh Way—around the globe.

Seashore earned her bachelor’s degree in human resources at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh. Though she started her career in store management, Seashore joined Bemis Company Inc. as a compensation and benefits director. There she built her HR expertise, transitioning to director of global compensation and earning her executive MBA from her alma mater in 2014.

Then, she joined Oshkosh in 2015. “I was ready to take on additional responsibilities and ready for a new challenge,” Seashore told Women magazine in 2017. “I literally grew up during my time with Bemis Company and saying goodbye to so many colleagues was difficult, but I was ready to move to a place where no one knew me. I wanted to make a difference, mentor others, and learn an entirely new manufacturing organization.”

Oshkosh Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and servicing a broad range of access equipment as well as commercial, fire and emergency, military, and specialty vehicles and vehicle bodies through its portfolio of brands. Though Oshkosh is based in Wisconsin, the company has 147 facilities across 22 countries.

In her current role, Seashore leads and creates the strategy, design, and governance framework for seven key areas: global compensation, global benefits, global mobility, global HR technology, global HR services, executive compensation, and US perquisites. “You must be quite creative, not only with your time—not everyone is on Central Standard Time—but also with how you drive to a common strategy while providing for local flexibility,” she told Women magazine.

There are many challenges when holding a global role, but one way to overcome them is through building a strong team. Seashore mentors and coaches a team of twenty-five, providing them with an environment for growth and development.

And Seashore’s mentoring extends beyond her HR team. She leads one of the mentoring circles as part of Oshkosh Women’s Network, sharing her experiences and translating them into what can help others.

“There are many women who want to grow in their career, and they’ll ask me, ‘How did you do that?’” Seashore told Women magazine. “I believe it’s all about leveraging your strengths, stepping outside your comfort zone, having good self-awareness, knowing your personal brand, and being the best person you can be.”

This is Seashore’s fifth year as Oshkosh’s VP of global rewards, but she has her sights set on leveraging her HR expertise as a chief human resources officer. “To be able to take all my experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and build an entire HR team and be its leader makes me giddy,” Seashore said.