The Disruptors Issue

Gary Vaynerchuk VaynerMedia
Photo by Jason Morena

What Did You Sign Up For?

Disruption isn’t for everyone, but it’s the only way Gary Vaynerchuk knows how to live

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Carol Stewart University of Arizona Tech Parks
Photo by Chris Mooney

The Foundation for Innovation

How Tech Parks Arizona’s Carol Stewart shepherded rapid growth and recruited innovative businesses amid a pandemic

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Ron Hohauser Legendary Entertainment
Photo by Julie Hohauser

Green Light Power

A behind-the-scenes look at how Ron Hohauser stacked up Hollywood accomplishments and turned himself into a film finance powerhouse

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Joel Culp Latham Pool Products
Photo by Kristen Cook

How Marketers Move Mountains

Joel Culp details how he helped Latham Pool Products transition from business facing to client facing

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Bryan Muehlberger Beachbody
Photo by Alyssa Levine

Up for the Challenge

Never afraid to step out of his comfort zone, Bryan Muehlberger uses that to his advantage as Beachbody’s chief information officer

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Lori Temples GreenSky
Photo by Rob Hainer

The Outsider’s Advantage

With a business strategy background, Lori Temples stresses building interpersonal relationships while leading GreenSky’s cybersecurity team

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