3 Ways to Sustain Employee Engagement

At the April Tomorrow’s Workforce roundtable, CHROs gathered to discuss support methods to reimagine employee engagement during COVID-19

Rebecca Sinclair, chief people and communications officer at American Tire Distributors, hosted Tomorrow's Workforce: A CHRO Roundtable event on April 28. Photo: Olly Yung

On April 28, chief human resources officers from a variety of industries gathered for Tomorrow’s Workforce: A CHRO Roundtable. The second roundtable in the series was led by Rebecca Sinclair, chief people and communications officer at American Tire Distributors. That evening, executives discussed an especially pressing topic: reimagining employee engagement in today’s remote and hybrid environments.

Here are three key takeaways from the discussion:

1. Simple Solutions

Employees have enjoyed many of the simpler solutions their companies have provided them with during COVID-19, such as daily yoga and meditation sessions; virtual fitness classes; monthly coffee sessions with human resources, CEOs, and other company leaders; and more. CHROs also found great value in overall elevated and increased communication with employees.

2. Creating a Sense of Purpose and Pride

In addition to increased communication and providing basic wellness solutions, CHROs are focused on helping employees maintain a sense of purpose and pride in their organizations. To this end, organizations have come up with a variety of ways their employees can get involved with their communities. This includes listening to guest speakers, engaging in virtual volunteer opportunities, and more.

3. Preventing Employee Burnout

A crucial step to maintaining employee engagement during COVID-19 is helping prevent employee burnout. Companies are taking measures such as carving out times when neither client meetings nor internal meetings can be booked. Team members are also encouraged to let their teams know when they will be expressly unavailable, such as during remote learning for children and carpools. Some CHROs also see a huge value in stopping meetings five to ten minutes before the hour mark just to give employees a breather.

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