Accountable Leadership

In our Issue 4 2020, Profile showcased how nine chief accounting officers guide transformation and innovation across industries

The chief accounting officer role is about more than just money. It’s about breaking down silos and empowering teams to drive the business forward through global expansions. Learn how nine chief accounting officers guide transformation and innovation in their industries.


Ajmere Dale SquareInnovation Driver

Ajmere Dale builds financial foundations mean to last in one of the most fast-paced and disruptive environments: Silicon Valley

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Efficiency Is Everything

How Chase Anderson used technology to help Origin Bank adeptly navigate its complex public offering

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Lindsey Bennett KyribaLeading by Leveling Up

Lindsey Bennett has an impressive track record with companies undergoing massive growth. Now, at San Diego-based Kyriba, she’s building and optimizing a global team.

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Eric Esper HertzThe Road to Success

Eric Esper’s love of numbers has steered his career path to a position at the Hertz Corporation

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Carlos Olea The Howard Hughes CorporationPursuit of Perfection

Carlos Olea never stops searching for efficiency, and the Howard Hughes Corporation is all the better for it

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Jeff Kist RedboxFrom DVDs to Digital Streaming

Jeff Kist helps Redbox keep up with the rapidly evolving entertainment industry and innovate in a digital world

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Rebecca Thompson AaonKnocking Down Silos to Build Solutions

How Rebecca Thompson overhauled AAON’s internal controls and focused on improving communication to make operations smoother

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Michael Schmit SWM International“People Are the Name of the Game”

Michael Schmit is driving global transformation at SWM International, but he wouldn’t have gotten there without mentors showing him the way

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Lean into Discomfort

iHeartMedia’s Scott Hamilton knows that to grow professionally and personally, you need to get out of your comfort zone

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