Moodie Coretti on Leadership in E-Commerce

Moodie Coretti leads the new e-commerce division at Rich Products with a laid-back approach and an eye on the future

Moodie Coretti got his first taste of the food and beverage industry working at a grocery store in college. He took on the job to pay for school, but he soon found that he couldn’t wait to get out of the industry. 

After getting his degree, he started working in a few sales positions, none of which fit with his career goals. So he ended up back in the food and beverage industry to work as a product manager for C&H Sugar. It was this position that led Coretti to realize his love for the industry. Today, Coretti is working to install new growth strategies to get the recently minted e-commerce division off the ground at Rich Products. 

In an average day, Coretti has a variety of responsibilities as director of e-commerce. These responsibilities include establishing long-term growth plans for new product innovations, developing internal systems to track and evaluate online growth, and working with all functional groups to accelerate e-commerce integration. Coretti handles anything and everything having to do with e-commerce, including content development, analytics, creating omnichannel strategy, and developing relationships with the suppliers. As director, it is Coretti’s responsibility to lead his team in a way that allows them to best perform these tasks.

Because e-commerce has only been running for a year and a half, the newly established division has been difficult to navigate. However, Coretti has proven successful in developing new initiatives within the department. 

One of the most recent developments is the acquisition of the Christie Cookie Company. Christie Cookie, a gourmet cookie manufacturer, brings in a loyal consumer. This will help to create a new portfolio that will be appealing to a new customer space online. Christie Cookie has also maintained a strong direct-to-consumer platform within e-commerce. This plays into Coretti’s vision of creating a brand that focuses on consumers rather than professionals. 

While focusing on the present, Coretti also looks to the future of Rich Products. The e-commerce division is looking to incorporate voice-activated and mobile-friendly technology in the short-term future. This will ensure that Rich Products maintains an appeal to the modern-minded consumer. 

As Coretti has risen vertically within his career, his leadership style has adapted with his tenure. Coretti first thought to lead a team as an independent problem-solver would be the best method. When a problem would arise, Coretti believed that fixing the problem himself would be more efficient than coaching others. 

Over time Coretti has learned to pause and remove himself from a situation. This allows for the rest of his team to learn to find solutions themselves. Coretti believes this method of leadership to be most beneficial for the long-term success of his team. Coretti also believes that the leadership support throughout the entire organization has contributed to the success of the e-commerce division. 

Coretti takes great pride in the network of support his team receives, which even comes from the Rich family themselves. Coretti believes that it is this support that bolsters the success he and his team are finding at Rich Products.