Kathi Moore Embraces Change through Opportunity

Motorola Solutions’ Kathi Moore never has a dull moment, adopting a growth mindset while leading multiple HR functions at the ninety-one-year-old company

Portrait by Gillian Fry

Kathi Moore is no stranger to change. With decades of experience in human resources and global compensation, Moore has helped a number of companies navigate through strategic transformations, rebranding efforts, and leadership transitions. Now, as vice president of human resources for Motorola Solutions, she finds herself in the most rewarding position of her career: helping the ninety-one-year-old technology company maintain the flexibility of a start-up.

Moore began in human resources early in her career, accepting an administrative role in HR for a small software company right out of college. As her career progressed, Moore found herself supporting a number of companies during periods that would come to be defined as iconic moments in their history—from Ameritech’s nearly-record-breaking acquisition by SBC to McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign, which revolutionized its business.

“Seeing these companies through these significant changes was a fantastic experience for me,” Moore says.

But it wasn’t until Moore joined Motorola that she felt she was able to leverage her experiences for the greater good. Moore joined the company as an individual rewards consultant for one of Motorola’s many business units. Three years later, in 2011, the company split into two separately traded companies. Moore stayed with Motorola Solutions, the public safety spinoff.

Kathi Moore Motorola
Kathi Moore, Motorola SolutionsPortrait by Gillian Fry

After the split, Moore began leading the global compensation team, and four years in, was given additional responsibilities—the role of HR business partner for three of the company’s executive committee members.

“My leader pushed me out of my comfort zone, which I didn’t realize I needed and was ready for,” Moore says. “It’s this ‘push’ that makes the Motorola experience so unique. Those who show determination and talent are given limitless opportunities to grow, influence direction, and make an impact.”

Moore acknowledges that the skills she’d acquired throughout her career were instrumental in helping her adapt to this expanded role. “Some view specializing in compensation as a limit to broader opportunities in HR,” Moore says. “But I found that my ability to make data-driven decisions better equipped me to be an HR business partner and talent management leader.”

As she grew into the role, she gained confidence and soon took on even more responsibilities—accepting a leadership position in talent management, creating succession plans for key critical roles, and leading her team to create a new framework for succession planning for all executive roles and high-potential talent.

These experiences all led her to where she is today, managing global rewards, including benefits and executive compensation, and serving as the HR business partner for the product and sales organization.

“People outside the company tell me they’ve never heard of a job quite like mine before,” Moore says. “I tell them that’s my favorite part about it. That, and the support and encouragement I’ve had from my leaders to challenge myself and grow.”

Moore sees her multifaceted role as supporting several interconnected pieces of Motorola Solutions’ mission to “help people be their best in the moments that matter.”

Kathi Moore Motorola
“It’s becoming more important for people to work for a company with a strong purpose, especially in times of transformation like we’ve experienced this year—and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Motorola Solutions.”Portrait by Gillian Fry

“It’s becoming more important for people to work for a company with a strong purpose, especially in times of transformation like we’ve experienced this year—and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Motorola Solutions,” Moore says.

What makes Motorola Solutions unique, Moore explains, is the actionable solutions the company develops to make the world a safer place, including providing mission-critical communications for first responders.

Moore is highly aware of the difficulties many women face in the corporate world but says that Motorola Solutions’ commitment to inclusion and diversity made this a nonissue for her. She notes that a key component to developing female leaders is mentorship, and she enthusiastically mentors anyone of any gender at Motorola Solutions who shows potential.

“Every employee offers a unique perspective and is encouraged to have a voice,” Moore says. “Mentoring others—and helping them elevate their voices—is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.”

Moore says the limitless opportunities to grow and to give back, as well as the company’s mission, are what make working for the company so meaningful. “I go to work every day with a sense of purpose,” Moore says. “That’s why I’m proud to be a Motorolan.”

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