Amanda Wiles Creates Digital Platforms for People with Enspire

Through Enspire’s technology, CEO Amanda Wiles transforms how businesses can effectively communicate with employees

Photo by Travis Tank

Amanda Wiles founded Enspire, a custom-branded employer application and communications platform, on the belief that people should come first. The company, founded in 2015, has this people-centric philosophy baked into its very name: Enspire means to “inspire everyone.”

“Investing in people is not often talked about in the tech industry—too often the focus moves to what a technology can ‘do’ at the expense of the people who build it or ignoring the people who would use it,” Wiles says. “My goal is to re-center the conversation around how people use technology to solve problems and deeply invest in the high talent creating solutions. When you put people first, the impact of the technology is much bigger.

“Plus,” she adds, “when you invest in people, your teams are stronger, more supportive, and inspired, which leads to client relationships that are stronger, trusting, and collaborative to drive further success.”

The idea for Enspire came after Wiles spent twenty years working with large employers to attract and retain employees and seeing innovative employee programs repeatedly struggle to address the core problem: employee access. “Enspire took the initiative to improve employee access to all communication by integrating all workforce solutions into one employer app built to empower employees to take action,” she says.

Amanda Wiles Enspire
Amanda Wiles, EnspirePhoto by Travis Tank

To do this, Enspire’s technology is a code-free platform that is easily customizable for each client. The Enspire Analytics Engine provides sophisticated data analytics to understand employee behavior, identify specific needs, and effectively engage the workforce. Enspire consolidates all employer communications into one app for easier navigation. And, even more, Enspire’s team of engagement experts ensure each client’s digital experiences reflect and communicate their strategic business initiatives.

“Enspire’s combination of technology, analytics, and people creates engagement intelligence to align employee needs and strategic business initiatives,” Wiles says. “Our goal is to drive results with effective communication, not just raise awareness. To achieve this, Enspire designs app experiences that meet both employer and employee needs. Solving employee problems is critical to adoption and utilization.”

Clearly, Wiles solves a problem that employers are eager to address. Enspire has already integrated with more than two thousand vendors. The company has seen consistent exponential growth, increasing its client base by ten times since its founding. “The Enspire platform continues to adapt with each new client’s unique set of use cases,” she says. “Our platforms are built for people. Enspire’s advanced technology and success is a direct result of valuing and investing in the people in our teams and our clients.”

Enspire assigns each client a dedicated creative director who specializes in employee needs and behaviors for their industry and builds digital experiences to achieve their goals. Enspire visual designers, UX and UI designers, and engagement analytics experts provide a supportive team for each client to ensure app experiences inspire employees and drive results.

“Enspire is built on the core value of serving and supporting people,” Wiles says.  “Enspire leadership invests in our people and our teams grow our expertise together. When we collaborate with clients, we invest in the people we work with first.

“What drives success? Where are their challenges? What puts them in a position to be successful?” Wiles continues. “We make this our primary objective which allows our clients to focus on their business strategy.”

“My goal is to re-center the conversation around how people use technology to solve problems and deeply invest in the high talent creating solutions.”

One of Enspire’s many success stories is its work with Plastic Omnium, an automotive supplier with facilities around the world. Wiles and her team worked closely with Christina Dewey, Plastic Omnium’s vice president of HR, and her teams to customize an employee app that integrates all employee resources at a local level. Plastic Omnium’s app already achieved more than fifty-two thousand app engagements and a 77 percent app download rate with employees.

During COVID-19, Plastic Omnium used the Enspire Platform to give employees real-time updates on how their local offices were responding to the pandemic. “Plastic Omnium was able to reach out to each employee location with leadership updates, facility status, safety training, and benefits—all consolidated into one app,” Wiles says. “Christina’s team worked hard to identify employee needs during the peak of the pandemic and integrate app experiences for COVID-19 resources.”

Enspire platform personalization was key. Instead of inundating employees with irrelevant information, Plastic Omnium was able to personalize app experiences and send target push notifications by workplace location.

When it was safe to begin bringing employees back to work, Enspire worked with Plastic Omnium to develop a “back to work” app experience that provided safety protocols, training videos, and localized information.

Wiles sees more growth ahead for Enspire as the company continues to advance its crisis management solutions and benefits engagement. “Enspire will continue to inspire everyone,” she says. “We invest in people, technology advancements, and engagement intelligence to drive powerful results as a leading employee communication solution.”