Three Executives Making an Impact

Through compliance, legal protection, and D&I policies, executives can kickstart a positive effect on the wider world

You don’t have to work for a nonprofit organization to have an impact on a larger community. Often, companies set the bar for social change, like when Amazon announced that it would begin paying a $15 minimum wage—more than twice the federally required minimum—or when Starbucks began offering healthcare benefits to part-time employees in the early 1990s. Sometimes, fulfilling your job can mean that you can contribute to the greater good through influence, precedent-setting, and corporate citizenship.  

Read three stories of executives harnessing their expertise and passions to not only help their companies succeed but also influence the world around them. 

Widening the Lens

Getty Images provides more than just stock photos. It also breaks major news stories. VP and Corporate Counsel Lizanne Vaughan explains how its commitment to diversity and integrity helps fuel the national conversation. 

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An Ambassador for Inclusion 

Diageo’s Timothy Chow champions diverse talent and the LGBT community to help strengthen the global leader of beverage alcohol. 

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The Global Risk Manager

Robert Shoemaker of SUEZ must consider the cost of doing business in countries riddled by bribery and corruption, a web of complex laws and regulations across more than one hundred international jurisdictions, and whether every customer, partner, or third-party vendor tied to the company can (or will) live up to its high standards.  

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