Executive to Watch: Matt Wanderer

Restore Health has been a leader in personalized medicine for over 30 years. Matt Wanderer, the CEO, has led the company on an incredible path of growth. In 2014, Restore Health rose to the rank of 36 on Inc. 500’s fastest growing company list.

Matt Wanderer

1. What do you feel has led to the success of the company and Restore Health’s rapid growth?

One of the main contributing factors behind Restore Health’s rapid growth has been the company’s ability to adapt and diversify quickly around changing market dynamics. In

2011 we broadened our corporate vision from a sole focus on women’s health products and services to one that encompasses the entire spectrum of personalized medicine. Over the same period of time we also widened our service offerings to include cutting edge diagnostics, such as genetic testing, and invested heavily in improving the quality of service delivered to leading physicians nationwide. I have found that the more services we can provide our clientele, the more we reiterate our core mission, “Making Personal Possible”.

2. Where do you think the most significant growth will occur in the company in the next few years?

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. The key to growth is constant innovation in order to stay relevant and hopefully ahead of the curve in terms of product and service offerings. Restore Health has been a leader in innovation since 1982. In 2015 I foresee the majority of our growth occurring around our ability to professionally service niche requirements in the larger specialty drug industry.

3. What’s one way the company approaches new ideas?

There is never an idea too small or too ambitious that we don’t consider and encourage our team to bring to the table. I’ve found that by having a capable and differentiated team surrounding you, the problem is not a lack of ideas, but the management and execution of these ideas. We’ve developed a formulation to handle ideas by first having them vetted by a small team of experts. If the consensus is that the idea provides value to our patients and providers, we then convert the idea into a project, assigning it a name and project leader to oversee its completion. Without a process and plan of execution, ideas remain just that, and can’t bring any value to the business.

4. How do you acknowledge independent achievement in a collaborative environment?

Recognition and appreciation are key drivers of motivation and generators of production. For this reason, we’ve created a company culture where recognition and acknowledgement is constant. I’ve found that it doesn’t take grandiose gestures to convey appreciation and acknowledge individual achievement. Although occasional public recognition is important, simple habits go a long way.

 5. How do you create a singular vision for your company?

Communication and consistency are the two key factors to keeping everyone on the same page and creating a singular vision for our company. However, in order to be successful, these two concepts are mutually inclusive and you cannot have one without the other. One simple way we keep communication and consistency high is by having a daily meeting, first thing in the morning, where our teams kick the day off with a quick and direct huddle about the key goals and challenges they anticipate.

 6. What one word do you want to own in the minds of customers, employees and partners? Why?

Wellness. To our customers we provide a healthcare approach that emphasizes preventative and long-term solutions, creating a wellness lifestyle. For our employees, we create a motivating and challenging opportunity, bringing wellness to their career. For our partners we strive to be the best in our industry, making wellness the backbone of our financial success.

7. How can a leader be an inspiration to their staff?

A great leader should inspire in many ways, both personally and professionally. Perhaps the simplest way to inspire your team is to include them deeply in the big picture. When your team can see beyond their daily tasks, to the greater vision of the company, they assign a higher level of meaning to their duties and feel a part of something truly important.