Executive to Watch: Amanda Rosenberg

Glamsquad's VP of marketing and communications talks about the value of being a team player

Amanda Rosenberg, Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Glamsquad provides customers with hair styling and makeup application appointments that take place in their own home or office. Trained stylists and artists come to the customer equipped with all the tools and products needed to give them their desired look. Amanda Rosenberg is the Vice President, Marketing & Communications for Glamsquad. Rosenberg talks digital strategy and trends within the industry for her role at Glamsquad.

What takes a majority of your time? How are you hoping to develop your role as VP of Marketing and Communications?

I would say one third of my time is spent on marketing our current products and services, another third of my time is spent preparing for what is next and building out our pipeline and the final third of my time is really focused on working with the other department heads to integrate and prioritize our initiatives.  As I think about the future, I am most committed to keeping marketing and strategy closely aligned — that’s the formula for success.

How do you add value to the Company?

Marketing plays a central role at Glamsquad. Our CEO really believes that a marketing lens should overlay everything we do since we are able to connect the dots and package them into something that is cohesive and compelling for our clients. Whether it is the branded in-home experience that our stylists deliver on a daily basis or web/app optimization, the marketing team lends expertise throughout the organization.

Where does digital fit into the overall media mix?

We’re an app – our clients are digitally savvy and digital is very important to how we reach and build relationships with them.  We run several digital campaigns simultaneously across email, search and social media and we are able to see what works. What’s important for us is consistency across channels, so our non-digital activities like partnerships, PR and special events will often have digital components and vice versa.

How does the strength of your leadership align with your company’s growth strategy?

We’re a small team that is growing quickly. Everyone brings a different set of expertise and experiences that seem to harmonize – we really respect each other.

What major challenges do you face?

We are spread across the country in different markets so we need to stay locally relevant and we need to understand the customer in every market.  It’s easy to think of them as the same, but the customer in Miami is vastly different than the customer in New York. It takes some time to figure out what those nuances are each time you launch a new market, which can be challenging.

What trends does your company need to be aware of?

On-demand economy and the next generation of on-demand. Our business is tacking on to two major trends happening right now, one is the on-demand economy and the other is that consumers are willing to pay for access to credible experts.

How have you assembled a team to help carry out your mission? What do you look for in team members?

Our marketing team is organized around partnerships, public relations, digital marketing, events and brand editorial with local marketing support in each of our markets. I look for solid experience, complimentary skill sets, references and something unique or special about that individual.