Julie Loosbrock

Loosbrock shares her mindful and innovative approach to human resources as Deluxe approaches a significant milestone

Julie Loosbrock, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Every human resources professional should be prepared to think like a businessperson. We need to enable and cultivate a growth mind-set so that we are always thinking about how to develop our talent to move the organization forward. At Deluxe, we know talent is a key competitive differentiator. We don’t stick our development plans in a three-ring binder; we believe they are a living document, key to our ongoing success.

The Deluxe Corporation has a nearly one-hundred-year legacy as the leading printer of checks in the United States, but we have been experiencing a significant and exciting transformation in our business. Not only are we providing printed products, we’re also offering marketing solutions and other services to our small business and financial institution customers. As part of this transformation strategy, Deluxe has acquired companies that enable us to offer an entire suite of products, services, and solutions. Ultimately, we believe this approach will help small businesses achieve their passions, allowing them to focus on growing, running, and operating their companies.

In 2015, we will be launching our one hundredth anniversary celebration initiatives, which are focused on honoring our past and celebrating our future. To support Deluxe’s growth and future, I am focused on leading and transforming our team of nearly ninety human resources professionals across the country and helping Deluxe attract, develop, and retain our talent. We are focused on creating learning experiences that help leaders improve their own thinking and improve business performance. For some of our development initiatives, we are partnering directly with the NeuroLeadership Institute. This approach considers the implications of the brain’s reaction to the work environment and focuses on achieving optimal performance. This work has been engaging and motivating. It equips our employees for the changing business landscape, and it is vital for Deluxe to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Before I came to Deluxe, I spent more than twenty years in human resources at other companies, including Pillsbury, Impact Consulting, Ryerson, and Rapp Collins Worldwide. I love learning about how a business works. My previous experience has helped me utilize organizational and talent strategies and achieve success. I joined Deluxe in 2000 as a human resources manager. I was really attracted by the company’s reputation and legacy of having strong values and integrity. I was also excited by the transformative ideas and growth that Deluxe was shifting toward. I moved into various HR leadership roles and was named senior vice president of HR in 2008.

I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and am always pushing myself to do more. I’m almost finished with my doctorate in organizational development and my dissertation research is pertinent to my everyday work at Deluxe. I continually challenge myself to learn more, to be intellectually curious, and to show up with a growth mind-set. I also practice mindfulness, which helps me to stay in the present moment and be in stressful situations without stressing out.

As Deluxe develops, we are constantly integrating the necessary skills for future growth into our culture. We strive to understand the business landscape, our customers, and their future needs. This knowledge informs our approach to equip our leaders with the skills and expertise needed to compete with—and outperform—other companies, while facing new and evolving problems.

I find so much joy in what I do. It is impossible to know everything, but you have to believe you can learn new things. I love being a part of an innovative, transforming company—that’s how we stay three to five steps ahead of our competitors and how we are planning for the next one hundred years of success.