Executive to Watch: Azita Martin

Datameer's chief marketing officer on the best advice she's received: "Do what's right for the company and everything else will fall into place."

Datameer is a global team with a vision of making the world better with data. The company is the only the only end-to-end big data analytics application for the Hadoop ecosystem. Azita Martin, chief marketing officer of Datameer, discusses her role, their focus on new ideas and how she has found success.

What is the biggest challenge you face as the Chief Marketing Officer for Datameer?

For a B2B company like Datameer, the marketing and sales executives are two key roles in driving revenue for the company so it is very important that there is open communication and collaboration between them. They need to discuss the financial models and metrics so marketing can best define how it provides the appropriate amount of pipeline at the right time for sales to meet its numbers.

How do you define data-driven agile marketing for the company?

The first and most important element about being data driven is to understand your customer acquisition journey. What I mean by that is that prospects interact with us through multiple campaigns and channels before they purchase a product. But, most marketers analyze this information in silos (e.g. Web analytics, mobile analytics, CRM, marketing automation analytics, etc.). The key to data-driven campaign optimization is to understand the behavior of those prospects that become customers and the campaigns that have the most impact on converting customers. Armed with that information, you know which campaigns to invest in more, and which campaigns are under-performing in order to analyze and optimize further.

How does Datameer find the right people to grow its expanding team?

For Marketing, we need a combination of highly analytical and highly creative people that are also strong communicators. You need to strike a balance between all three. Since we have already hired employees with these qualities, referrals are our number one source for the best talent.

What is one way Datameer approaches new ideas?

To me, the most rewarding and “ah-ha” times are when I’m meeting with customers and listening to their challenges and the way they’ve been able to address those challenges with our technology. That always sparks ideas for me of how to do things differently or how to emphasize certain areas that maybe we were overlooking.

Is there a specific differentiator to your leadership or company that is especially beneficial?

I absolutely believe that the role of marketing has dramatically changed over the last few years. It’s become significantly more data-driven as a key executive responsibility.

 How do you generate ideas for the Chief Marketing Officer role?

I get my best ideas when I meet with my peers at industry events and conferences and when I meet with our customers.

What leadership skill has helped change your personal life?

Results are very important, but knowing how to collaborate and communicate is even more important. You need to build relationships that allow you to execute toward a common strategy.

I have a young child and I tell him that while it’s great to get good grades, it’s equally as important to build your friendships, play sports, or any other number of activities that will help him develop his collaboration and communication style.

Is there a piece of advice that stuck with you throughout your career?

Do what’s right for the company and everything else will fall into place.