On the Desk of Neil Schloss

Vice President & Treasurer | Ford Motor Company

Photo: Samantha Simmons

When you spend a lot of your time globe-trotting in search of new markets, having an organized yet approachable desk is essential. For Schloss, a mix of functional and familiar objects create an ideal environment for getting everything done.

Neil Schloss's desk

1. The TV is always tuned to the latest stock market updates

2. As a proud father of two, 13 and 25, Schloss keeps tokens from their childhoods

3. Model cars are often given as tokens at the conclusion of major financial deals

4. As treasurer, Schloss’s days are full of data reports, meetings, calendars, and memos.  Staying organized requires that Schloss maintain a constant vigilance against clutter

5. “I’m a snacker,” Schloss says. These Trader Joes chocolate covered espresso beans provide a quick pick-me-up, as does a stash of chocolate tucked in a drawer

6. Schloss uses his iPad for “everything.” The device is especially suited for reading the PDFs and reports that daily cross his desk

7. The Wall Street Journal: “It’s the bible”