Flexjet Flaunts the Benefits of Private Aviation with the Learjet 85

Millennium Park in Chicago played host on Sept. 23, 2013 to the Learjet 85's second stop on Flexjet's national tour to promote the aircraft estimated to deliver in late 2014.


What do sipping a fine wine, indulging in a rich cheese paired warmed with sugar, gripping the steering wheel of an Aston Martin, and reclining in a Learjet all have in common? They are experiences—unique to be sure—but all oozing exclusivity, quality, and distinction.

That’s what Flexjet hopes to convey with its Legends Redefined tour in support of the new Learjet 85 aircraft. The private reception held in Millennium Park was an experience of its own, said Stephanie Chung, Flexjet regional VP of sales. While most aircraft make their debut at airports, Flexjet chose to bring Learjet’s fastest aircraft in history to the Chicago owners backyard. The tour, on which Flexjet has partnered with Royal Salute, maker of the world’s oldest annually produced scotch whisky, and Aston Martin, the luxury sports car manufacturer soon to be celebrating its centenary, reflects the luxury aviation provider’s mission statement and competitive advantage. “Private aviation is about more than the machine,” says Chung. “People need the owner experience now, and Flexjet is know for providing an exceptional owner experience.”

The experience of flying privately is one characterized by efficiency and access. For busy executives, time is the most precious commodity, and private travel allows them to make the most of it. Not only does it eliminate long lines for security and baggage check, but with the ability to land at 5,000 private airports versus 500 commercial airports, private aircrafts get passengers closer to their destinations. While distractions, discomfort, and dial-up-quality connectivity can make working in-flight impossible on a commuter plane, private jets comfortably and reliably facilitate phone calls and Internet in a more spacious setting to maximize productivity.

Chung, who speaks with Flexjet’s owners on a regular basis, shared a recent conversation with an owner who is also a board member of a corporation. On this occasion, she was put on the opposite end of a sales pitch for a change. “This gentleman almost forces his president and executives to fly privately,” Chung said, “because it offers two distinct advantages: 1) they’re fresh, energized, and he can expect them to perform when they land, and 2) he knows their safety and security are never in question.”

The Learjet 85 boasts a flight range of 3,000 nautical miles and maximum speed of Mach .82. It’s ultra-thin carbon composite shell makes room for the 24.75′ by 6.08′ by 5.91′ cabin—the roomiest Learjet to date.

Flexjet offers access to the most comprehensive portfolio of products in the private aviation industry, including whole aircraft ownership and management, fractional jet ownership, jet cards and charter brokerage services to meet their customers’ travel needs. Flexjet One is a solution that offers whole ownership of one aircraft with the benefit of on-demand access to the nearly 80 aircraft in Flexjet’s fleet. Fractional ownership can be purchased in 1/16 shares equivalent to 50 hours of flight time per year for five years. Whole and fractional ownership are composed of five parts: purchase price, monthly management fees, hourly rates, fuel consumption, and fees associated with travel such as taxes. Jet cards offer the benefits of a tailored private aviation experience without the purchase price.