Dialing in with Ron Ben-Yishay

The CEO of DynTek sells his company’s triple-threat services on a repertoire of expertise, results, and reliability

Ron Ben-Yishay, CEO.

From virtual desktops to data-center architecture to Microsoft-platform deployments, DynTek Services, Inc. does it all. You may not see the DynTek name on the corner of your computer or stamped on your server because, as Ron Ben-Yishay explains, his company’s priority is to help customers make the most informed decisions and deliver unparalleled support for their IT environments. Despite priding itself on “rock star” employees, the technology-solutions provider puts on its biggest shows behind the scenes.

Unified Delivery 

DynTek provides a one-stop shop for IT solutions. 

Ben-Yishay: “At DynTek, we are multidisciplinary. We look at technology from a holistic perspective. Today, almost all components of an organization’s IT systems are interconnected. Often, you will see solution providers that are fantastic at storage, but they don’t touch the servers. They don’t touch virtualization. They don’t touch security, apps, or operating systems. We have engineers who are SMEs, or subject matter experts, and when a manufacturer such as McAfee, Cisco, or Microsoft sells directly to a Fortune 500 company or a government account, they can turn to us as a go-to partner for architecture, design, implementation, and support services. We work with our clients to build an IT architecture that incorporates the key elements of the IT infrastructure—from the data center to the end point. We call that unified delivery.”

Partner’s Pet 

Manufacturers trust DynTek to deliver their products with quality and professionalism.

Ben-Yishay: “We have a proven track record of successfully delivering technology solutions to government, education, and commercial clients nationwide for more than 25 years. We hold the top certification levels with our partners and have received numerous awards recognizing our technical expertise, including McAfee Government, Health and Education Partner of the Year; Citrix Partner of the Year—West; and Microsoft Partner of the Year, Management and Virtualization Finalist. We work on projects of every scope and size, from single office deployments to national, multiyear engagement. When the police department from a major metropolitan city wanted to convert every laptop in every police car in every precinct from Windows XP to Windows 7, Microsoft tapped us as a deployment partner, and more than 20 of our engineers went to market and accomplished this complex project.”

“We hold the top certification levels with our partners and have received numerous awards recognizing our technical expertise.”—Ron Ben-Yishay

The Solutions Provider That Never Sleeps 

Normal business hours do not define DynTek’s customer service.

Ben-Yishay: “We provide unparalleled support. In addition to helping customers build and deploy IT solutions, we also provide 24-7 support services. We are a McAfee Authorized Support Provider and provide level I/II help-desk calls for McAfee Gold support to our mutual customers to provide rapid problem resolution. The next phase in our offering is network operations services support. When clients have thousands of devices, things slip through the cracks. We can provide our customers with a sensor—which can be a virtual or a physical device—that will capture information about their systems and output a report showing what’s happening in the network in real time, such as required patches or upgrades.”

In the Family Business 

The DynTek office is more than a workplace; it’s where employees join a second family.

Ben-Yishay: “We are a people business. The value of our company is the strength of our employees. They love coming to work, and we do a lot of things to recognize their efforts. We’re trying to give people an experience, not just a job. In return, our employees have given us tireless effort that allows us to deliver more than we promise. Our engineers have worked after hours into the night to provide solutions, and when they’ve reached the capacity of their skill or endurance, our depth of expertise ensures that there’s someone else to relieve them. It’s a family, a culture, and a place where people care.”