Clint White

Named a Top Entrepreneur of 2012 by Crain’s New York Business magazine, White mans the helm at WiT MEDiA, a unique marketing firm with offices in New York, DC, and California

QuoteWe’re a media company that is trying to invent new, practical ways to help audiences connect with targeted content supporting arts and leisure events in their own cities. As part of this, in 2012, we launched Cultureradar, which organizes and aggregates different media—Groupon, Living Social, and so forth—covering cultural opportunities in different cities, like New York, Chicago, and DC. This tool benefits our clients, who can have their content placed at the pivot point of when a buyer is making a decision about what activities they want to do.

Coming into this business from the client’s side, I know that it is challenging for these arts and nonprofit organizations to have less money and resources than their for-profit competitors. To have support from a dynamic media company like WiT MEDiA helps our clients compete in a much more elevated way, not only because they have a new “advertising agency,” but also because they have a media company that is helping them solve real, practical issues.

We’ve been able to apply these strategies to other industries, like hospitality and food service, because the consumer who is involved in arts and culture also tends to have interests that extend to these other areas. We’re also figuring out how we can use mobile outlets to make everything happen in one place at one time. I want to be in a position to give someone all of the information and perspective they need, and I want to be able to give them the best price and the platform to execute a sale on the spot. We’re collaborating with other tech companies that have an interest in this space and partnering with them to make that happen.Quote