Adobe’s Utah Campus

How the digital software powerhouse is making its mark in Lehi, Utah

Adobe's Utah campus in Lehi dominates the skyline, and is one of several signs of the budding tech sector in the Salt Lake region. (Photos by Eric Laignel & Weston Colton)

We all know what a “fun” office is like: offbeat color schemes, unlimited personal time, iPhones for everyone. But it takes more than contrivance to make a fun office work. That’s why we’re interested in what’s happening at the new Adobe campus in Utah. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s bright, and Adobe’s corporate idea touches all aspects of the campus program, from policy to architecture. Here, employees share why Adobe’s idea of fun works.


The Atrium Hanger

“The ATRIUM/HANGAR speaks to me every day. The view of the mountains, the artistic pieces by Andrew Smith and El Mac, the friendly cafeteria staff, the game tables, the delicious food, the conference rooms with splendid views, the high ceilings, the magnificent windows, and a hundred more items—all inspire me to give 100 percent of my talent to Adobe. I am proud to work at Adobe because of this campus.” Matt Nelson, Senior Partner Account Manager


Basketball court
Basketball court

“I use the basketball court three to four times a week with a group of guys during lunch. To go play ball for an hour and then go to the locker room and shower before starting the next half of my day has been awesome! And when I don’t play ball, I have the option to rock climb, play volleyball, or work out. I love the amenities.” Kacey Robbins, Account Development Manager



“It has some rougher edges and a rawness to it that feels genuine. Additionally, the openness and honesty of the space shows through with the abundant glass used for the exterior and interior offices and conference rooms—providing genuine transparency into what we do and who we are.”
Jonathan Francom, Sr. Director of Global Workspace Solutions


Pantone color scheme

“The openness of the new campus is great. It creates a transparency that allows me to see what others are working on and the success that we’re experiencing. The campus brings people together. It’s not the campus that’s driving innovation and success, but the employees themselves.” Josh Pugmire, Technical Operations Purchasing Analyst