The Video Maverick

Long a dominant force in the web-streaming industry, ViewCast is now setting its sights on becoming a major player in the growing on-demand video and mobile-devices sector. Products such as ViewCast’s Osprey line of video cards have become the gold standard for major broadcasting networks, corporations, educational organizations, and even the US military. Similarly, its Niagara Systems management software has allowed video-capable devices to accept video streaming throughout the globe and in formats ranging from Flash to Windows to Apple. With more than 400,000 of its video cards in use today, president and CEO John Hammock chats with Profile about how this successful track record will likely prove invaluable as ViewCast prepares for its next big challenge.

John Hammock, CEO

Our industry connections and global sales force are spreading the word about our goals. We’re counting on numerous, expansive channels to approach major cable and telecom providers. Our offices in London and China are further reinforcing our global reach. This is enabling our solution-based sales organization to make industry providers aware of our premier-video technological solutions.

Our greatest strength is through our systems. We’ve built one of the most comprehensive, reliable systems for streaming live video. We believe this dominance will prove both invaluable and attractive to the larger cell providers—AT&T, Verizon, British Telecom, and others—seeking dependable video services for their consumers.

We can meet consumer demand for ease of use. When it comes to video on their mobile devices, consumers want technology they can learn quickly and that works consistently. Anyone who has to struggle with video applications on their smart phones will seek another provider. Because our products have long been recognized for their ease of use and reliability, we can meet consumer expectations when it comes to video technology.

Reliability and durability is our highest standard. Our products—from video cards to plug-and-play video-management software—perform under the toughest conditions. Our systems have even operated to peak performance under the most dangerous desert battlefield scenarios. We all know how mobile devices can be tossed around and subjected to all sorts of stress. Our video technology can take such punishment and continue to operate to consumers’ highest expectations for reliability and durability.

Our format versatility will prove attractive to providers and consumers alike. Our ViewCast Media Platform has enabled companies—ranging from The Gap to eBay—to effectively manage their digital assets in many formats. The same video technology can be employed for mobile devices. This means that smart phones could accept everything from Apple to Microsoft to Adobe video—a feature that will prove popular with consumers.

The depth of our technology is suitable for any market conditions. As the mobile device and on-demand video industry continues to evolve, it will likely feature continued consolidation among providers. Because our video technology is so expansive and adaptable, it can easily meet the demands brought on by marketplace changes. We will continue to be a top choice when it comes to creating and implementing video solutions for providers and consumers alike.