Nutritious Indulgence

Catering to health-conscience consumers on the go, thinkThin is turning the nutritional category on its ear, one tasty treat at a time

Lizanne Falsetto cooked up the idea for what would become thinkThin while traveling the globe for her modeling career.

Lizanne Falsetto does more than promote and sell her company’s line of nutrition bars, she walks the talk. In 2000, Falsetto began creating a product line of protein-rich nutrition bars in her kitchen, for herself and for others who seek delicious nutrition on the go, that would later evolve into the thinkThin brand. “Nutrition is a very personal choice. You can eat very good food and very rich, wonderful tasting food in moderation and get the nutrition you need,” Falsetto says. “thinkThin’s formula is based off of the demands of today’s marketplace and speaks to a product stripped of any junk; something that is highly nutritious without the punishing side effects of gluten and refined sugar.”

When thinkThin stepped into the market with the concept of tasty, portable nutrition, consumers—women ages 24-52 are overwhelmingly the company’s target demographic—pounced on it. The success that followed has been nothing short of meteoric. Its first national account was Trader Joe’s; that was followed by Whole Foods Mid-Atlantic region. In 2004, thinkThin grew a staggering 333 percent; last year, the company enjoyed 33 percent growth at a time when others are breaking even or in the red.


The Line Up

thinkThin Protein bars: These gluten-free bars are packed with 20 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar making them a great option at breakfast or before a workout.

thinkThin Bites: At 100 calories, these make a great mid-morning or mid-afternoon perfectly portioned snack.

thinkThin Crunch: With 60 percent less sugar, these bars have two times the amount of protein than other leading fruit and nut bars.

thinkThin Crunch Fruit & Nut: These Vegan-friendly bars are a healthy option with six grams of  sugar and eight grams of protein.


In the conventional bar industry that hauls in more than $1 billion annually, thinkThin is now number one in the natural channel and number four in conventional grocery. In addition to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market, thinkThin products are now available at Kroger, Ralphs, and Safeway. According to Falsetto, the four most popular products currently are the chunky peanut butter and brownie crunch protein bars, the chocolate dipped mixed nuts crunch bar, and the crunch fruit and nut, and blueberry and mixed nuts, which is winning best tasting bar awards around the country.

Ultimately, however, it really is about educating consumers on nutrition and living an active healthy and happy lifestyle, she explains. “Weight wellness is not defined by aesthetic, shape, weight, or tape measurement—it is the physical and emotional outcome of feeling good and energized,” she says. “… We’re trying to create a paradigm shift in the nutrition-bar category regarding how people feel about themselves. If you have energy, a positive attitude, and your body is healthy, you will feel good about who and how you are. Once we focus on being healthy and happy, our bodies will follow and align.”