A Healthy Perspective

Chris Ciatto of Plus One Health Management discusses meeting corporate America’s health-care challenges, hiring the right people, and encouraging employees to get fit

Much like the organization he represents, Plus One Health Management Inc.’s CEO, Chris Ciatto, is focused on personal and professional excellence. Since its start as a New York-based customized-fitness facility, Plus One has become an industry leader in corporate fitness and wellness programs. It offers everything from on-site fitness-center management and operations to programs specializing in nutrition, physical therapy, office ergonomics, health-risk appraisals, and health coaching for employees of major US corporations. Profile recently spoke with Ciatto about his goals, both for Plus One and his own career.

What is Plus One’s corporate mission?

We provide our corporate clients with the tools and information necessary to improve the health and lifestyles of their employees. We focus on getting targeted results for our clients.

Take me through the implementation of a Plus One program.

Most often, it starts with our fitness centers. We work with companies on the design and specifications of these centers within their new office complexes. For instance, we are working with Exxon Corporation on the construction of a new 100,000-square-foot fitness center within its new Houston headquarters. We consult with corporate administrators, architects, and building crews on the center’s size, construction costs, and how this facility can best meet the needs of employees. We also work with brokers and consultants on implementing the wellness programs most suitable for company staff.

What value does your company hold for corporate clients?

Current studies have shown that, despite efforts to rein in health-care costs, many Fortune 500 companies are spending just as much on health care as they do on company profits. This is where Plus One comes in. By taking advantage of our fitness and wellness solutions, employees are less dependent upon their company’s health-care programs. They are also more alert and productive. This has a direct impact on the corporate bottom line in the form of significantly lower health-care expenditures.

How did you come to Plus One?

I’ve spent most of my career in strategic consulting. During my tenure with Aramark management services, I served on their health-care team. Eventually, I accepted an offer from Plus One to become their chief operating officer and then was promoted to chief executive.

What is your role at Plus One?

My focus is on strategic growth—where to put our resources, market and product development, and acquisitions. I help ensure that Plus One remains true to its mission and values of professional expertise and service excellence.

How important is staff recruitment to your growth strategy?

It is essential. Our growth and reputation depend upon each individual’s experience with a Plus One professional. We strive to hire the right people for the right job. In our fitness centers, for instance, we employ clinicians with significant health and wellness experience, but who also have a good bedside manner. That is, they can coach and motivate employees to reach their optimal health objectives. We encourage staff to try different roles. If they are the top trainer at a smaller fitness center, we encourage them to join the staff at one of our larger centers. In this way, we keep it fresh for staff so they may learn new skills and approaches, which benefit clients.

What do you like best about your job?

Making it possible for us to help people—it is awesome. Our wellness programs are fun, creative, and engaging, and our fitness centers are very positive places. As a result, we get the results that employees want and need. It is very satisfying to see such progress take place on a daily basis.

What are your plans for Plus One’s growth within the next five years?

We want Plus One to remain a great place to work by enabling staff to continue developing their skills in service to clients. By doing this, we will be able to further build upon our strong presence as the ideal solution for meeting corporate America’s health and wellness challenges.