In Good Company

This is no ordinary group of corporate counsel.

From top left: Lewis Steverson of Motorola Solutions, Inc.; Larry Boyd of Ingram Micro; Frank Steeves of Emerson Electric CO.; Marschall Smith of 3M; Joey Loudermilk of Aflac, Inc.; Sylvia J. Kerrigan of Marathon Oil Corporation; D. Scott Offer of Motorola Mobility, Inc.; Forrest Krutter of Berkshire Hathaway Group; David Leitch of Ford Motor Company; Brackett B. Denniston III of General Electric; and David Bialosky of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Yes, first and foremost they guard the legal interests of companies ranked among the top 150 largest corporations in the country.

___But they are also full of surprises.___

They fly planes, adopt children, and tend to 25-acre farms. While their high-powered roles require them to constantly be on their toes, we got 11 of today’s top in-house counsel to do the unexpected: sit back and let loose. Here’s a rare, personal look at the characters behind the giant corporations.

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Lewis Steverson of Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Larry Boyd of Ingram Micro

Frank Steeves of Emerson Electric CO.

Marschall Smith of 3M

Joey Loudermilk of Aflac, Inc.

Sylvia J. Kerrigan of Marathon Oil Corporation

D. Scott Offer of Motorola Mobility, Inc.

Forrest Krutter of Berkshire Hathaway Group

David Leitch of Ford Motor Company

Brackett B. Denniston III of General Electric

David Bialosky of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.