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WHO: Richard X. Zawitz, founder and owner of Tangle, Inc.

WHERE: Tangle, Inc., a toys and art manufacturer, is headquartered in San Francisco with a regional office/gallery/showroom in Hong Kong and an affiliate design office and partnership in Milan, Italy. The company does business in the United States as well as over 50 countries including Canada, Chile, China, Russia, and India. Its production facilities are based in China, and distribution bases include China, United States, and Europe.

PRODUCTS: Tangle Toys, Tangle Therapy, Matrix Airless Ball System, Learning with Tangle Brain tools (books and manipulative devices), pet products, Tangle promotional products for corporations and fast-food programs, and more.

JOB IN A NUTSHELL: “I travel around the world … meeting a Tangle distributor in Spain, creating a shoe line in Guatemala, signing a book deal in Holland, or setting up a monumental sculpture in China in a mall,” says Zawitz. “The globe is my gene pool to create useful objects for everyday life for kids, adults, people of different cultures, and the disabled.”

BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY: “Create timeless products and art, and work in harmony with nature. I discovered that playthings and art are universal and [appeal] to any market in the world,” Zawitz says.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: “The challenges are many [but] …  broadening your global reach can more than double your revenue and the growth potential is exponential.”

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