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5 Reasons Why Regular Exercise Improves Job Performance

5 Reasons Why Regular Exercise Improves Job Performance

Christopher P. Neck, coauthor of Fit to Lead, shares his tips for a healthier career

Have more energy

Dr. George Sheehan, the late exercise enthusiast, author, and cardiologist, wrote: “People who say they can’t find the time to become fit should realize that a fitness program actually produces time. Fit individuals have more energy, and thus can devote more time to their jobs each day before tiring out.”

Concentrate better

Research shows a relationship between fitness and the mind. The more fit you are, the better your mental performance will be—and this includes your ability to concentrate. This has a performance benefit: if you can focus more intensely on the project at hand, the quality of your work will be better.

Be more creative

Fit employees tend to be more creative. We interviewed a plethora of executives to gather research for Fit To Lead. During one of these interviews, an executive running a national construction firm commented, “I have some of the most creative thoughts when
I’m working out.”

Have more self-confidence

If you stick to your daily exercise and diet goals, you have an automatic payment of self-confidence coming to you each day. This is important, as studies have shown that self-confidence and job performance are clearly related.

Cope better with stress

Daily exercise and healthy eating reduces anxiety and helps in handling daily stressors. Daily exercise and a proper diet have a physiological effect on individuals, impacting mood and how we handle stress.

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