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In the Workplace: Will Work For Fun

In the Workplace: Will Work For Fun

Inside Eventbrite, Where the warehouse is no longer a lifeless place to spend the nine-to-five

They’re called Britelings, and they may be some of the Bay Area’s happiest employees. The company they work for is called Eventbrite, an online-service company that lets users create, manage, and join events with the click of a mouse. When deciding on a
location to base itself, Eventbrite opted for a 27,000-square-foot warehouse
in order to generate a culture of openness. “No one at the company has offices,” says Terra Carmichael, head of corporate communications. “In fact, we blew out divider walls and turned the offices around the perimeter of the building into conference rooms.” Also common in the office are dogs and bicycles, and employees often go on rides together in the morning for brunch. But the amenities don’t stop there. Eventbrite employees eat a catered lunch as a group every day. A Zen Room houses a massage therapist throughout the week, and is a work-free zone. To top it off is the library, located on the warehouse’s second floor. “With it’s natural light and different workspace options, from standing desks to giant, overstuffed beanbags, it provides Britelings other places to be productive and comfortable,” Carmichael says.

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