Growing During Tough Times

Even the enthusiastic Darren MacLennan, president of SureShip, admits that outsourced inventory-management services isn’t the most exciting topic for those not in his industry. Yet, buried beneath all that talk of storage facilities, packaging, and order fulfillment, is a gem of business acumen that any enterprising young upstart would do well to focus upon. While the nation hemorrhages thousands of jobs a day, MacLennan is set to nearly double his staff from last year and keep that pace for the year to come. MacLennan shares the secret to success hidden within all that bubble wrap and brown boxes.

Fulfillment expertise, information technology, and transparency are only some of the major value-added elements that SureShip gives its clients. “We operate as an advocate for our customers, when it comes to addressing their unique requirements,”says president Darren MacLennan (left).

In 2001 our parent company G&G Outfitters, a nationally recognized, branded merchandise provider had gone through significant growth and they recognized an opportunity to provide additional services to their customer base. SureShip was born out of that opportunity. The ownership invested the necessary resources in SureShip’s employees and information technology to create a company that had extensive expertise in inventory management and fulfillment.

Flash forward to now and SureShip has grown from its infancy into a company that has all the necessary processes, personnel, and resources to store and fulfill customers’ inventory requirements as well as the information technology that is critical to the operation. Our information technology enables us to be efficient, accurate, and transparent as we deliver our service on behalf of our customers.

As the economy tightens, companies are watching their bottom lines and they realize that inventory management may not be their core mission. We have our niche as experts in inventory management and fulfillment operations and we are able to provide a valuable service to our customers. Fulfillment expertise, information technology, and transparency are major value-added elements that we bring to our customers. For example, our customers are able to see up-to-the minute information about their inventory programs including order information, inventory levels, etc., by accessing a customer-reporting portal that we provide. Our ability to track all of those fine details for our many customers and being able to show them that detail; that’s what separates us from the competition.

We process over 10,000 orders every day, very efficiently, and accurately. We can do individual orders, bulk orders, special projects, and kit/assembly services. We have the necessary resources to address our customer’s needs in an efficient manner as well as the right personnel and expertise in inventory management and order fulfillment, but what separates us is our commitment to customer service.

We are an extension of our customer and we operate as an advocate for our customers, when it comes to addressing their unique requirements. For example, we recently answered a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a large customer. One of their biggest complaints was that they did not have a clear picture of their inventory program; they weren’t clued in on what was in their inventory. Throughout the whole process we always looked at their requirements through the lens of being their advocate. We did not try to fit their program requirements into the “SureShip way” of doing fulfillment. We reviewed their requirements in detail and identified the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to address their program. We focused on customer service, efficiency, transparency, and low cost. We were able to offer additional value and costs savings and who doesn’t want that?

We have the potential to more than double our business over the next two years. We will continue to take care of our customer base and grow with them by delivering excellent customer service. This will give us opportunities to do more on our customers’ behalf and create greater awareness of our company throughout the mid-Atlantic region and the nation.