In the Field

Traffic studies, infrastructure design, grading plans—child’s play compared to Baughman & Turner’s true engineering marvel: a culture that has driven decades of strong business.

President David Turner is no stranger to the job site. He can often be found checking in on Baughman & Turner’s latest projects.

The name on the door of one Las Vegas engineering firm says “Baughman & Turner, Inc.,” but anyone who enters will feel like family—even if they don’t share the two last names. From its clients to its staff to its vendors, Baughman & Turner has guaranteed success and survival by building strong relationships throughout its 43-year history.

“We like to get to know the people behind the project,” says president David Turner. “It’s not unusual for a client to stop by for coffee. The pot’s always on.”

Founded in 1969 by Richard Baughman, Jay Haught, and Stephen Turner, the firm provides engineering and surveying services for both homes and businesses, and for projects of all sizes. Baughman & Turner’s repertoire is extensive: clients hire the firm to provide grading plans, traffic studies, infrastructure design, subdivision engineering, site planning, master planning, landscape design, and dry utility coordination.

David came to work for his father, Stephen, in 1981, after attending the University of Utah. “My plan was to go in another direction,” David admits. “But my dad talked me into coming to work here.”

He’s never looked back. Starting as a land surveyor in the field, David then moved into the office, where he first worked as a designer and draftsman, before later becoming a project manager and overseeing the drafting and design of projects. David continued to work his way up the ladder, until he took over as president in 2000.

In a field where competition can be tough and the economic climate even tougher, David says he and his company set themselves apart through their attitude and dedication. “Communication is key in regards to client satisfaction,” he says. “Every project, no matter what size, is given unique and special attention.”

To keep lines of communication open, David sometimes meets clients for lunch or even cocktails to discuss projects. He also sends thank-you letters and reaches out
after the job is done to check in. “We contact past customers because we want them to know we are still here, and, when they’re ready for their next project, we are ready to work on it,” David says. These relaxed yet strong relationships with clients have lead to word-of-mouth referrals, a stellar reputation, and a lot of repeat business.

This attitude has been imbued in the company culture. The atmosphere is as casual and family oriented as possible. David shows employees respect by offering flexible schedules, and he hosts luncheons and barbecues to show his appreciation. The culture has cultivated a strong and stable workforce. Most, if not all, of David’s employees have been with Baughman & Turner for at least five years; some have even worked with the firm for more than 25 years. “When employees are happy, clients are happy, too,” David says. “We encourage everyone to use their imagination and talents, and then we step back and let them do their jobs. We’re very laid back, but we get things done.”

Strong relationships have also been formed with vendors. Staying ahead of the technology curve is integral to maintaining a successful engineering company, and David does what he can to be current on advances in technology. “We’ve been lucky over the years to have a good support group behind us,” he says. “Survey equipment and computer vendors pop in the door to keep us up on
the latest and greatest technology. We have the
kind of atmosphere where we don’t require an

Ultimately though, it’s about enjoying the people you work with, from clients to coworkers to vendors. When that’s the case, it makes coming to work a pleasure. “I look forward to going to work in the morning,” David says. “It’s just a nice atmosphere. It’s family.”