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5 Business Resolutions Fit for 2013

5 Business Resolutions Fit for 2013

Entrepreneurs and Business leaders from across the nation share their insights and hopes for the New Year

Roxana Hewertson 

President & CEO | Highland Group Consulting Inc.

I resolve to foster long-term sustainability by refreshing my “been there, done that” business model with tactics pegged to a passionate view of the future. Something clear, credible, and inspiring to me and others that’s new and fresh today versus yesterday.

Christopher Buskirk

Cofounder | Gina’s Homemade

I resolve to hire the best. It doesn’t matter if we’re hiring for a senior muckety-muck or the most basic, entry-level part-timer. Companies are just groups of people working for a common goal, so make sure the people fit the vision and the values.

Harvey Hudes

Founder | Caliber Corporate Advisers

I resolve to be creative, be different, stretch the investment, and deliver results. There are two constants—try not to be a cost to clients and always bring value. No one wants to spend frivolously, and marketing budgets are no exception.

Halley Bock

President & CEO | Fierce, Inc.

I resolve to hold my employees able, with a bias toward action, versus accountable, which too often connotes blame. This change in mind-set will engage my coworkers, enrich relationships, and increase collaboration, leading to successful business results.

Zain Raj 

CEO | Hyper Marketing Inc.

I resolve to, starting January 1, get both myself and my team one percent better at being effective, efficient, and innovative, every day.  That way, we’ll be 365 percent better by year’s end.

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