Arena Pharma

The Path Less Traveled

To be chief medical officer for a biopharmaceutical company takes a person with depth of knowledge and a strong vision—someone just like Bill Shanahan—who brings forty years of expertise to the role. Here he explains how perseverance is key, and that there are no shortcuts to working at a high level if you want big results More


One Step Ahead

In the post-Snowden world of motivated hackers and sophisticated cyber attacks, FireEye is catching what others can’t More

Kent State University

Renaissance Marketer

From brand director in California to entrepreneur in Tokyo, Iris Harvey has always been innovative in her career choices. The head of Kent State’s university relations shares her expertise on leadership, marketing strategy, and social media More

Plated NIck Taranto

From Web to Table

Plated connects hungry customers to locally sourced ingredients and easily prepared recipes—all at the click of a mouse More

Loaded Dice

Tech career hub tracks the needs of both sides of job recruitment, helping professionals make smarter decisions More